Meet the New Zealand touring experts

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Our New Zealand Team
Our team of New Zealand travel experts are here to make you look awesome!

We have an outstanding team - without a doubt the best in the business and we are incredibly proud of them.

Drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds they are united by two things – they all love New Zealand (having experienced it from top to bottom!) and they all have an uncompromising commitment to providing fantastic service to travel agents.

Sign up today and gain access to the world’s largest range of New Zealand touring itineraries as well as our incredible team of sidekicks who specialise only in New Zealand touring. They are ready to create custom, bespoke tours as quick as a flash for your clients.

Established in 2015 nzsidekick is part of the New Zealand Fine Touring Group. We have been showing individuals around New Zealand for almost 20 years and have been lucky enough to help agents do the same for the last 7. Based in Wanaka we are in the heart of New Zealand's spectacular south island. We are right amongst the ski fields an hour from Queenstown and just a couple from the west coast or Mt Cook.

Our Company Values

  • Stay True - Each day we choose to work with integrity, honestly and to be completely authentic with our team, suppliers and agents.
  • Band Together - We collaborate, empathise and support the people we work with, agents, clients and the great team we are a part of.
  • Look Beyond - Here at nzsidekick, we are always looking to adapt, be innovative, flexible and fair in an ever-changing travel market.
  • Empower - Within our business, we love to empower the agents we work with so they can confidently sell New Zealand and feel supported every step of the way!
Meet our online travel agents

Each with their own individual superpower our team of nzsidekicks are here to make things easy and save you time so you can focus on being awesome. All are blessed with superb attention to detail, expert knowledge of NZ, and of course they are faster than a speeding bullet.
We're nzsidekick and we got this.

Staff list
Account Manager
Account Manager


SUPERPOWER: Turning teamwork into dreamwork!

Sabina is our sidekick account manager, she will be your first point of contact will be readily available at any time to help with queries or questions - think of her as your very own Sidekick. She provides support to you, our valued agents, and makes the whole process a piece of cake!

Telephone: 034430812
Chelsea Lodge
Chelsea Lodge

SUPERPOWER: Finding New Zealand SWEET spots!

Chelsea loves a hidden gem (and a slice of cake!). Although she now works within the warmth of our Wanaka office, Chelsea didn't always.  Starting her New Zealand journey as a guide she knows where's where and what's what and can confidently advise you of the most suitable itinerary plans.

Make an appointment here to talk to me when it suits you.

Telephone: +6432228021
Christina Brockie
Christina Brockie

SUPERPOWER: Attention to detail

Christina creates flawless itineraries, with smooth transitions between any activity and accommodation. If you give her a few ideas she'll be able to make you a tour in no time.

Make an appointment here to talk to me when it suits you.

Telephone: +6434430892
Louise Barrett
Louise Barrett

SUPERPOWER: Building on a budget

Lou loves a bargain.  Over time she's worked out how to get the most out of every dollar, filling your clients holidays with more than they could ever imagine.

Make an appointment here to talk to me when it suits you.

Telephone: +6434430895
Shelley Ryder
Shelley Ryder

SUPERPOWER: Speaking Kiwi

Shelley has a wealth of knowledge built up over years of selling New Zealand.  She'll advise on all the best locations, recommend the most appropriate accommodations/activities to suit the required style and budget. Best of all, she leaves you to take all the credit.

Make an appointment here to talk to me when it suits you.

Telephone: +6434430846