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We have an outstanding team. The best in the business without doubt and we are incredibly proud of them.

Drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds they are united by two things – they all love New Zealand having experienced it from top to bottom and they all have an uncompromising commitment to providing fantastic service to travel agents.

Sign up today and not only will you have access to the world’s largest range of New Zealand touring itineraries but our team of 20+ sidekickers who specialise only in New Zealand touring will be beside you ready to create custom, bespoke tours quick as a flash for your clients.


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Everyone at nzsidekick loves New Zealand and we share this passion with every travel agent  we help.

We’re happiest when we’re going the extra mile – whether it’s putting together a really complex itinerary that suits your client perfectly - and making it happen fast - giving your customers a warm welcome and top class documentation when they arrive, and even picking them up if they’re stranded along the way!

Meet the team

Each with their own individual superpower our team of nzsidekicks are here to make hings easy and save you time so you can focus on being awesome. All are blessed with superb attention to detail, expert knowledge of NZ, super fast turnaround abilities and of course they are faster than a speedig bullt. We're nzsidekick and we got this.


Your sidekick

Laura Davidson

Although born and bred in Scotland I am now lucky enough to call Wanaka home. I live for the outdoors whether it be hiking mountains, running and biking trails, swimming lakes…anything that gets my blood pumping and there is always the guarantee of fabulous views whilst doing all this here in the South Island.

I traveled myself for a number of years and adored every minute of it so I love having the privilege of helping you create your perfect traveling experience.

Email: laura@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 443 0894 


Your sidekick

Christina Brockie

I was born in Dunedin, the lower South Island, but I did my last year of high school in Switzerland. I love to travel and have been to Europe, South East Asia, UK and Dubai but I visited Wanaka every year when I was younger, so I knew this is where I was always going to end up.

I love exploring the outdoors and enjoy skiing, camping and heading out in the 4wd so our base here in Wanaka is the ideal location for that. 

Email: christina@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 443 0892 


Your sidekick

Shelley Ryder

I am a true blue, jandal wearing, BBQ loving New Zealander. My favourite spot in New Zealand, after Wanaka of course would have to be Akaroa. I grew up in Christchurch and just one hour away was Akaroa. My family still has a good old kiwi bach there and spending time with them, bare feet, BBQ dinners, wading in the sea is what it's all about for me.

There are so many spots still like this in New Zealand; untouched pieces of paradise, and getting the chance to share some of these secrets with visitors and hearing about it afterwards still gives me a buzz. 

Email: shelley@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 443 0846 


Your sidekick

Ben McKay

I grew up in the heart of Northland and after a few years in Europe and 10 years in Australia it is great to finally be home. Before I left on my travels I made sure to see as much of New Zealand as I could.

It's a magic place and i am looking forward to sharing my favourite hidden spots and traveling secrets with you - lets talk!

Email: ben@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 443 0845 


Your sidekick

Nisse Perry

Originally from a small town in Australia called Walgett, I settled in New Zealand in 2013. I have been to 31 countries so I know what makes a trip truly memorable.

I can't wait to show you just how I love this country and create some itineraries to really blow your customers away! 

Email: nisseperry@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 222 8015 


Your sidekick

Sarah Baumanis

Originally from Manchester in the UK, I have been living in NZ for 12 years now. I love to travel, to eat good food, and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible.

I have traveled to all corners of NZ, discovering hidden gems & beautiful experiences and would love to share with you what this beautiful country has to offer for your clients.

Email: sarahb@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 443 0890 


Your sidekick

Louise Barrett

I’m originally from Australia, but after visiting New Zealand I loved it so much that I settled here and have called Wanaka my home. After working at Treble Cone Ski Field for 3 years I’m now a keen snowboarder, a huge jump from when I first arrived and had never seen snow!

My favourite part of New Zealand would have to be the Catlins, I have been a few times now and I think I have nearly covered all the walks within the area. 

Email: louise@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 443 0895


Your sidekick

Heather Mullet

Although originally from the United Kingdom, I count myself lucky to now call New Zealand home. I love everything about the outdoors and enjoy exploring new places. Hiking is a passion of mine and my favourite place to trek is the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland.

Get in touch today and I’ll help you plan the perfect holiday for your clients! 

Email: heatherm@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 222 8016 


Your sidekick

Amanda Dalgleish

Originally from the Bay of Islands, I lived in the UK and then Australia, with short stints back to New Zealand in between.

I am excited to be back in my home country, and Wanaka of all places has made this super easy! Surrounded by mountains and lakes who wouldn't be inspired. so let me inspire you and help plan your clients New Zealand journey.

Email: amandadalgleish@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 222 8012


Your sidekick

Brigett Turner

A Kiwi girl, born and bred, I spent much of my childhood traveling the country. Be it a train, plane, coach or car - I've seen New Zealand in every way possible - and I fall more in love with with my home country every day.

I spend my spare time watching the horse racing, or jet skiing on lakes Rotorua or Taupo and enjoying the outdoors. Lets plan your customers adventure together!

Email: brigett@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 222 8018 


Your sidekick

Narissa Phipps

I grew up in Brighton in the UK and after doing a psychology degree I decided to hit the road and go traveling. With a passion for photography and hiking what better place to come than New Zealand.

I traveled from Auckland to Queenstown and saw everything in between. After spending 2 years in Queenstown I decided to head over the hill and work in Wanaka until the big city lights of Auckland came calling.

Email: narissa@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 443 0844


Your sidekick

Jane Zwerrenz

After growing up in Germany, I left home to travel the world and promptly fell in love with New Zealand. I now live in beautiful Wanaka, and I can't imagine a better use of my time than to help others discover more about this amazing country.

Get in touch with me today and we can start planning your customers New Zealand holiday and ensure its a once in a lifetime adventure.

Email: janez@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: +64 3 443 0896


Your sidekick

Meg Evans

After 20 successful years in radio Meg saw the light a year ago and finally joined the business.

Bringing a fresh non-industry perspective to the ownership team Meg is based in our Auckland office and loves to talk coach touring and marketing and keeps our Auckland office team ticking away.

Email: meg@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: + 64 21 974 778 


Your sidekick

Chris Sutton

Five years with NZFT, makes a cracking latte, our very own ringleader of creative operations, smuggler of good ideas and agent wrangler.

Sutts is based in our Auckland office and loves to chat about our strategy, partnerships, PR and marketing. Over a coffee in Newmarket of course.

Email: chris@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: + 64 21 646 247


Your sidekick

Kerry Kettle

Been around the tourism industry for a long time with experience to burn. Started the company with Dave from the family home back in 2004 and is our resident voice of reason and people hugger.

Kerry is based in Wanaka and loves to talk finance and product – the $ and sense! 

Email: kerry@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: + 64 27 458 2242  


Your sidekick

David Kettle

Started the company with Kerry from a table in the back bedroom many moons ago Dave is our resident deep thinker, system sorcery and maestro of mayhem.

Dave is based in our Wanaka office and loves to talk about our strategy, our amazing system ‘Trev’ (his baby) and all things operational. 

Email: david@nzft.co.nz

phone DDI: + 64 27 411 6938