We all know Terms and Conditions are really boring. These are no exception. I fell asleep 3 times while I wrote them!

BUT - we need them so that there is no misunderstanding if you or your clients decide to change or cancel anything. If you transact through this website then we will give you every chance to read these. Any quotes and bookings undertaken are done so on the understanding that you have read and agree to these terms.

We play fair and we only play with people who play fair!

REMEMBER - these terms are between nzsidekick and you (the agent). You need to apply YOUR agency terms and conditions in conjunction with any terms that may be appropriate below.

Pricing policy
Tours are originally priced in NZ$ and then (if selected by you) converted to other currencies (GBP. AUD, USD, CAD, EUR, HKD, SGD, ZAR, CNY, JPY only). The exchange rate for this conversion is set by our New Zealand Bank (Bank of New Zealand). Although exchange rates vary daily the conversion rate applied to the website is updated on the first of every month. This means you can confidently quote your clients a current price.

The net cost for the booked tour must be received by us 45 days prior to the tour commencement date. If the reservation is made within 45 days then payment is due upon receiving the confirmation document from us. We may also ask for full payment or a suitable deposit payment prior to making any reservations at our discretion. Certain tour arrangements (guided walks and other special arrangements) may also require full payment at an earlier date and we will advise you of this if necessary at the time of booking.

Please note -
failure to make the payment on the due date may result in the tour arrangements being cancelled.

Payment options

  1. Payment can be made using the client's credit card for the full sell value. Commission (the difference between the net cost and the sell cost) will be paid to the agency by way of direct deposit upon completion of the tour. This is to allow for any changes/refunds/amendments that occur.
  2. The agency takes full payment from the client and makes payment to us for the net cost by credit card or by direct bank deposit
  3. You can elect to make payment directly into our bank accounts. We have accounts in New Zealand and Australia. Details provided on request.

Please note – we accept only Visa and MasterCard.

We DO NOT add any surcharges to credit card payments.

If the client is entitled to any refund this should be provided by the agent and the net cost of the refund claimed by the agent from us.

Quoted costs, specific accommodations and activities and the start/departure times of tours and activities are subject to change at any time. The inclusion of an accommodation or activity or other item in a quote does not constitute that it is available. Only upon receipt of a confirmed booking advice is the full itinerary and its components confirmed.Where a property or activity is not available for a requested booking we will replace this with a suitable alternative of similar standard and endeavor to do so at the same cost. We reserve the right to adjust costs where this is not possible and we will advise you of the alternatives and additional costs.

All our pricing includes all GST (New Zealand goods and services tax) at 15%.

Cancellation and amendment policy
Your clients may cancel or amend their tour for any reason at any time, however please bear in mind our cancellation and amendment costs.

Cancellation 45 days + prior to the tour arrangements commencing:
Loss of deposit amount. This is the equivalent of 10% of the total tour cost or NZ$250 per person, whichever is the greater amount, plus any other prepaid or advance payment items.

Cancellation 45 - 21 days prior your tour commencement date:
If the tour is cancelled 45-21 days prior to the tour commencement date a cancellation fee of 35% of the total tour reservation net value.

Cancellation 20 - 8 days prior your tour commencement date:
If the tour is cancelled 20-8 days prior to the tour commencement date a cancellation fee of 50% of the total tour reservation net value.

Cancellation 7 days or less prior your tour commencement date:
If the client cancels the tour within 7 days of the tour commencement date a cancellation fee of 100% of the total tour reservation net value.

While we understand that cancellations may at times be unavoidable we highly recommend your clients purchase adequate travel insurance to cover for this.

Please Note - these terms and conditions are between us (nzsidekick) and you - the agent. You must apply these terms or use these terms in conjunction with your own booking terms and conditions.

Additional cancellation fees may be incurred for, but not necessarily limited to, reservations for other activities and accommodation. NZsidekick reserves the right to reclaim these costs from you

Amending or changing your tour
You may change the dates of your tour at any time (subject to availability of the specific components), however any third party costs, such as hotel amendment fees or cancellation costs will be payable by you.

If the start date of the tour is moved (i.e. the whole tour is moved to an alternate date) inside 7 days of arrival a fee of NZ$250 applies plus any cancellation costs imposed by third party suppliers. You should also be aware that moving arrangements to different dates may incur additional costs due to seasonal changes.

Our rights
NZsidekick reserves the right to amend pricing at any time.  If you have a confirmed itinerary we guarantee the quoted cost. In the event of an amendment to an itinerary that is beyond our control some services and products may be replaced. NZsidekick guarantees that the replacement will be of equal or higher quality.

Any information provided is done so with the understanding that the information may have been provided by a third party and should therefore only be used as a guideline. NZsidekick may use third party suppliers or providers of some services and products and as such acts as agents for those suppliers. Any claim or liability resulting from those services or products is the responsibility of the supplier or provider.

NZsidekick, its employees, independent contractors, suppliers and any person acting on behalf of NZsidekick accept no responsibility for damage or loss to property or person howsoever caused.

We recommend that all clients have travel insurance and that they seek local independent advice on such.

Travel visas, passports and documentation

It is solely the travelers responsibility to ensure they have the correct documentation to visit New Zealand.

Third party terms and conditions
The omission of a link or reference to terms and conditions for third parties does not imply that our terms and conditions supersede those. It is impractical to list all of our providers terms and conditions and on request we can supply their individual terms and conditions to you or answer a specific question. At the time of reservation we will endeavor to provide you with any information we feel you should be aware of but it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you are happy with these terms.

Honest, fair and reasonable
NZsidekick and New Zealand Fine Touring Ltd (our parent company) prides itself on operating with honest, fair and reasonable business practices and has been built on providing excellent service and product to its guests. Should you feel that the product or service you have experienced did not live up to our promise then please contact us directly on (+64)3 443 0812. All possible actions will be undertaken to rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

Statutory Protections under New Zealand Law
These terms and conditions should be read subject to and in conjunction with the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act (applicable in New Zealand) and do not affect your rights as expressed in these acts.

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