1st class documents and support

We treat everyone as VIP's

Our documentation is second to none, in fact when we send you a proposal for your clients itinerary and quote it's ready to hand straight over to your client. Unlike the old school whose 'itineraries' are just a shopping list of items.

Our professional and detailed itineraries help you to sell, answer many of the questions your client might have and make you look like the hero you are.

Download an example here. This example is exactly what your clients will see at proposal and quoting level and within their final documents (plus much more of course).

Throughout the planning and booking process you are kept informed of the progress and the relevant information such as confirmations and instructions for arrival are all dispatched at the proper time.

While your clients are here experiencing our wonderful country they can call us any time of free call numbers to get help, advice and support. That's what sidekicks do.